Download Asphalt 9 APK 2.0.4a (Official Latest Version)

Download Asphalt 9 APK latest version from this page. Racing games are always fun. Right from the Road Rash days, a lot of us can’t help ourselves from getting immersed into the racing game sessions. So, are you looking for the best racing game for your Android device? You just landed in the right place here at

Asphalt 9 APK

Yeah, you guessed it right! Asphalt 9 APK is so far the best racing game for Android. There is also the Traffic Rider APK and the Traffic Racer for PC and Android. Guess what? I have come up with the APK file for the same. You don’t have to struggle anymore to install it directly from Google Play.

Download Asphalt 9 APK

NameAsphalt 9 v2.0.4a
RequirementAndroid 4.0

We all know that a brand new device isn’t capable of installing an app from the APK file. But there is a way to maximize your Android device’s full potential. It is through the use of 360 Super Root APK. Once it is rooted, you can now start.

You have to turn on Unknown Sources for that. Once you do it, you must download the APK file using the link given above (the green one). There you go! You are a few taps away from experiencing the most intense mobile racing game. Open the downloaded file to install the app. That’s it.

You can also install Asphalt 9 for PC if you want to enjoy the racing game on a bigger screen. Trust me when I say that it’s a lot better.

Features of Asphalt 8

#1. HD Stunning Graphics

Despite the resolution of your device, Asphalt 9 APK always renders HD graphics. So, you won’t feel the discomfort. The graphics are designed in such a way that it resembles the real objects.

#2. 100+ Cars

Admit it! Racing every time with a single car is boring. Even if you don’t feel it for the first few games, boredom will engulf you within a short time.

If you install Asphalt 9, you won’t get bored. The game features more than 100+ cars for you. Yeah, you can’t use everything all of a sudden. But as you win races, you will get access to them. One hundred and forty is really a lot, isn’t it?

#3. Multiplayer Facility

Sometimes, you may feel that it is more fun to play with real people that play with AI opponents. Then, you can leverage the power of Asphalt’s multiplayer feature.

You can engage in a race with a maximum of 12 people at a time. Once you get the hang of multiplayer sessions, you can’t leave it.

#4. Customization Features

You can customize cars according to your liking. Not every time we like the default color of a car. So, you can make use of this feature. The game gives you a complete customization ambiance. You can add graphics and, upgrade machinery parts as well. But yeah, you have to burn some credits off to customize cars.

#5. Availability of Car Stunts

Doing car stunts in a racing game is sheer pleasure. During the gameplay, you can run your car through slopes and specially shaped objects to perform car stunts. The stutter-free gameplay (requires high-end specs) doesn’t trouble you much.

#6. Multiple Tracks

The boredom kicks in when you realize you passed through the same track during the last game. Don’t worry! Asphalt 9 APK has tons of tracks to explore. And, you will never feel it’s the same track.


So, haven’t you downloaded Asphalt 9 APK yet? I hope you have a high-end device with a decent CPU and GPU. Or else, the game may fail to load. Don’t forget to share your racing experiences in the comment section down below. I will be grateful if you share this article with your friends.

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