Majority of the population in the world owns a smartphone. And the Android devices are the most widely used smartphones. This is because there is a huge variety of the applications available for the Android users. Most of the applications which are designed for Android devices cannot run on any other operating system.

But Android emulators are softwares using which you can run Android applications on your PC/laptop very easily. This means that you can use the mouse to emulate touchscreen presses, and the keyboard emulates the button controller add-ons. There are many Android emulators available for users. Hence, here we have listed 10 of the best Android emulators which you can download it now. So let’s get started already.


Best Android Emulators

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bluestacks screenshot

#1 BlueStacks:

This is a well-known Android emulator. BlueStacks is free to use but, you can get a premium subscription for $2 per month. It streams directly on Twitch and is ideal for multitasking. You can download apks of Android applications on your PC/laptop from Google Play Store using Bluestacks. You can use almost every Android app here.

Download BlueStacks

nox player image

#2 Nox App Player:

This Android emulator is famous for gamers to play games on their PC/laptop. Also, it is entirely free of cost to use the features of this emulator. Nox is compatible with Intel and AMD processors. A fantastic feature of this emulator is that it has an inbuilt GPS controller setting using which you can play GPS required games, for example, Pokemon Go.

Download NOX App Player


This is a very powerful Android emulator as it supports almost every Android application. AMIDuOS is available in two different versions which are Pro and Lite. The Pro version runs on Lollipop whereas, the Lite version runs on Jellybean. You can use the free trial versions of this emulator but, you need to buy AMIDuOS when your trial period expires.

Download AMIDuOS

#4 Andy:

Andy is an Android emulator which runs on both PC as well as Mac. It just basically runs Android games. It provides with full Android User Interface experience. A fascinating feature of this Android emulator is that you can play Android games on your PC with your smartphone as a controller. This feature is known as ‘Phone as Controller.’ It costs around $99 per year.

Download Andy

#5 KoPlayer: This Android emulator does not cost you anything for using the features it provides. A good reason for this is its compatibility with the gamepad. While playing games using this Android emulator, you can record your gameplay and later upload it for people to watch.

Download KoPlayer

#6 ARC Welder:

This is an extension which you can add to your Google Chrome web browser and run different Android apps which are compatible with this extension. However, Google will discontinue Google Chrome apps on PC. Hence, any major update for ARC Welder for PC is questionable.

Download ARC Welder

#7 Droid4x:

Downloading and installing this Android emulator is quite easy. You can access the Google Play Store to pick the games and apps to use on your PC/laptop. However, Droid4x forcefully uninstalls VirtualBox. Hence, it cannot co-exist with Genymotion and Xamarin which are other Android emulators.

Download Droid4X

#8 Xamarin Android Player:

This Android emulator is compatible with Windows and Mac operating system. It comes with Android M preview images, and VirtualBox updated to 5.0.4. However, there will be no further updates since developers discontinued the project. The latest version of this Android emulator is 0.6.5.

Download Xamarin

#9 Genymotion:

This Android emulator is used by most of the developers and testers to check whether a particular Android app works perfectly on a PC or not. The all-new Genymotion 2.10 is out which allows easy access to Google Play Store and Services. It is also adorned with hardware-accelerated 3D graphics.

Download Genymotion

#10 Windroy:

This is an Android emulator which you can use without the help of a VirtualBox. However, the efficiency of this emulator is not that good. While its updated version which is ‘Windroye’ works with the support of VirtualBox but, has much better performance as compared to its previous version and Bluestacks itself.

Download Winroy

These were some of the best Android emulators among all the other Android emulators available on the internet. You will definitely find one of these emulators which will suit you the best. It is highly unlikely for these emulators to disappoint you with their performance. If we have missed out on your favorite Android emulator which you think should be in this list, then please let us know in the comments section below.

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