Pokemon GO Cheats and Hacks: I think you are very curious about the real potential of Pokemon GO hacks, right? Well, you will find out here. Read the full post and figured out about the Best Pokemon Go Cheats and Hacks.

Pokemon GO Cheats and HacksPokemon Go has taken the gaming and real world by storm so much so that our walks mainly comprise of trying to capture Pokemon, as many of them as possible! For Pokemon noobs and kids who were born in the 2000s, Pokemon Go is an active game where one has to actually, physically move about in the real world to catch Pokemon in the game!

Sounds simple? It’s not as much! There is a lot of frustration because one has to move around a lot, and could end up getting the same Pokemon over and over again or could just lose it because they disappear over time. Just like any modern game Pokemon Go has its cheats and hacks too! Here’s a few to make your life easier and help you catch ‘em all.

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1. Catch Pikachu as your very first Pokemon

Sounds implausible? Well, let us prove you wrong! All you’ve to do is disobey Prof. Willow and not pick a Pokemon from Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur when he asks you to. Keep walking until these Pokemon disappear. They will, of course, appear again on the map, but you must ignore them four times. The fifth time that they show up on the map, they will have Pikachu with them! Now you can pick Pikachu as your very first Pokemon!

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2. Pokecoins

PokecoinsYou can earn Pokecoins by making in-app transactions that are not free. Another way to earn Pokecoins is by winning battles in the gym. These Pokecoins can be spent on purchasing items in the game.

However, it’s best not to waste pokecoins on buying Pokeballs because you will receive poke ball at pokestops regardless of whether you buy them or not.

These Pokecoins can be put to better use like lures.

3. Pokestops

From the above point, it’s clear that Pokestops can be immensely helpful. Visit Pokestops often because they always have some gifts and advantages to offer.

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4. Level up

The main aim is to level up your trainer in the game. The higher the level, the better Pokemon you can find! They will be able to win battles much more quickly as well. A quick way to level up is to make use of the Pokemons that you keep finding repeatedly. Pokemon like Rattata cost very few candies to evolve. Once they have evolved they provide you with 500 XP. You get candy every time you capture these Pokemon. After evolving, you can transfer them to Prof. Willow for bonus a bonus candy that will lead to further evolution!

5. Save Stardust

Even though you might get a huge amount of Stardust wait at least till level 12 or 15 to start using them. They help to raise the power level of your top level Pokemon eventually. The earlier Pokemon that you find at lower levels are eventually left behind as you move ahead, so it’s better not to waste Stardust on them and save up for am an eventually better payout.

6. Battery

BatteryPokemon Go is an obviously battery exhausting game. It makes use not only of the GPS but also the camera, data connection and so on. It’s best to keep your phone on the battery saver mode to avoid your phone dying on you.

It’s also best to carry a power bank/portable charger in case your battery does get precariously low. You don’t want your phone to die right when you’re about to catch a Pokemon, do you?!

7. PokeVision

Make use of the PokeVision app to find out the exact locations of Pokemons near you and how much time you have to capture them before they disappear!


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