Read this post and learn how you can bypass 4GB usage limit of Jio welcome offer. If you follow this then you will get normal 4g speed even after 4GB usage on your Jio 4G Sim. All of us hate using metered internet connection. When we download something, it keeps telling us that the FUP has been crossed. The new trend in Indian telecom field is Jio. They have come with an impressive welcome offer.

Unfortunately, the FUP limit keeps haunting every avid internet user. Once you exhaust 4GB of the data, you will have to keep on accessing the internet in 128kbps.

I know how weird it is to have such lower speed all of a sudden as compared to 20+mbps normal speed of Jio. Don’t worry! I have got you covered.

How to Bypass Jio 4GB per Day Limit to Remove 128kbps Speed

jioBefore we get into the core of this post, I want you to know why Jio has put such a limitation on the usage.

If you are an Indian internet user, you know how popular Jio has become, that too in a short time. Have you ever thought the cause of popularity? Obviously, the unlimited data pack and voice calling is the reason.

Just think the scenario with no FUP. We all do download and browse as much as we can. As a result the servers become busy, and we will suffer from slow connection.

In order to prevent such a massive speed drop, Jio initiated such a limitation to keep the first 4GB of your data the fastest. I know you want a solution to bypass this limitation. So, here it comes.

How to Bypass Jio 4GB Daily Limitation

Jio calculates the usage from 10 AM to 10 PM. Means you can get 4GB of the next day after 10 PM of the same day. Still, you will have to sacrifice the speed for the rest of the day.

That’s why I have researched a lot and did some experiments. Guess what? I have got a solution. You can follow the steps below to do that.

Step 1: First, you should downgrade you’re My Jio app. The trick doesn’t work with newer versions of MY Jio app.

Download MyJio App latest version

Step 2: Don’t forget to remove all the Jio apps including My Jio. As I said earlier, you can’t get this trick working with new versions. Make sure you remove everything.

Step 3: Proceed to the installation of the old version of My Jio app using the APK file I have shared above. I hope you know how to do it.

Step 4: Once you finish installing the app, ensure that your mobile data is turned off. As the internet connection isn’t available, you will see a notice saying No Internet Connection Found.

Step 5: You should turn your mobile data on and quickly press on the Skip button. In case clicking on the Skip button is delayed, you will get update popup.

Step 6: There it is! You are back to the preview offer without any limit.

PS. In case you couldn’t hit Skip button at once, go to Settings>> Apps>> My Jio and clear data.

Wrapping Up

I hope you are happy now. If you have any queries regarding this, don’t forget to let me know about it in the comment section down below. There are two things you should be vigilant about; installing the old version and pressing the Skip button in time.



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