Learn how you can Bypass Pokemon Go Geo Blocking Easily In Just a few steps. This tutorial will teach you “How to Bypass Pokemon Go Geo Blocking, To Play Pokemon go on any country in this world“. Pokemon Go’s growth was exponential. Within the first week of its release, people were crazy about playing the same. But not every smartphone user in the world can play the game. You know why?


Pokemon Go has a geo-block embedded into the algorithm of the game to prevent the gameplay in certain countries. Don’t worry! I have got a solution to bypass Pokemon Go geo block. So, shall we begin?

Play Pokemon Go Anywhere in the World

Before you bypass the geo block, you should install the application on your phone. First, I will guide you through the process of installation and then, you can read the bypassing section right beneath it.

How to Install Pokemon Go on Unauthorised Countries?

Installing Pokemon Go directly from Play Store is not possible as you are residing in an unauthorized country. The best way to get the game on your device is sideloading the game.

  • Step 1: You have to follow Settings>> Security and check Unknown sources.
  • Step 2: Once you do the above step, you should download the APK file of the game.
  • Download Pokemon Go APK for Android
  • Step 3: After the download, open the file to kick-start the installation. There you go!

You now have Pokemon Go game on your Android device.

Also Download for Windows PC: Download Pokemon Go for Windows PC.

How to Bypass Pokemon Go Geo Block

Even though you install the app on your phone, it isn’t possible for you to play the game given that you are living in unauthorized country.

You have to setup a VPN connection to fool the geo-filters. With an established VPN connection, you can fake your location.

If you are a customer of any VPN provider, you can get the connection details from them. And, follow Settings>> More>> VPN to implement the connection.

Whenever you want to play the game, you should enable the VPN.

What if you don’t want to go through those geeky steps?

There are a lot of free and paid VPN android apps available on Google Play. All you have to do is install one on your device. It will automatically connect you to a VPN server. Once the connection is established, you can start playing. The following are a few free VPN clients for Android.

  1. FlashVPN
  2. OperaVPN

No matter you are using an Android or iPhone, you can follow the same procedure to get rid of the geo restrictions.

What if You Can’t Play with this Trick?

Chances are less for this trick to be invalid. A VPN can truly fake your location and fool geo-filters. In any case, this doesn’t work, you have to reconfigure the VPN connection again. If you are using a ready-made client, you need to choose another location or reinstall the app.

Wrapping Up

I hope you know how to bypass Pokemon Go geo block. Using this trick, you can play the game anywhere in the world. Though I have given only three VPN options, you can use any one that you like. I recommend using a paid VPN because premium clients come with advanced features and more locations. Have you tried this trick? Did it work? Do you know any other trick to bypass geo block on Pokemon Go? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section down below.


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