WhatsApp is the most popular social networking app in the world. Almost every smartphone owner has a WhatsApp account, and every new smartphone buyer first installs WhatsApp on it. However, not everyone is familiar with all the ins and outs of WhatsApp. Some people might need help in downloading the WhatsApp Apk on their Android device while some might be curious about the features which WhatsApp has to provide its users with. Here, we are going to explain all these topics in detail along with a detailed guide to what steps you need to execute to create your WhatsApp account for free. There are some more technical topics such as having WhatsApp on PCs/laptops or using two different accounts of WhatsApp on the same Android device upon which we have shed some light. We have provided our viewers with the step by step guide which directs them on how you can successfully download Whatsapp on your PC/laptop (Windows 7/8/10) or on your Mac. Hence, go ahead and collect all the information you need and clear all your doubts about WhatsApp from here.