If you want to run the Pokemon go game on your PC, then you are on the right page. Follow this tutorial step by step and within few minutes, you will be playing Pokemon go on your PC Windows 7/8/8.1/10/XP with your very own Pikachu. So, let’s get started.

pokemon go for PCPokemon GO is a new app developed by Niantic and The Pokémon Company. It is an augmented reality game which supports both Android and iOS launched on 6th July. It has become a huge hit since its release generating around 7.5 billion revenue to the company. According to the stats, Pokémon Go might even leave behind Twitter in terms of Daily Active Users.

Pokemon GO has only been launched in 3 countries right now. As the game received an unexpectedly huge response by the fans, the company needs time to add more servers so that it works smoothly. So, the official launch of the app in your country might take few more weeks.

However, if you are keen to play it before it there is good news for you, Pokémon Go can even be installed in the countries where it has officially not been launched by downloading Pokemon GO APK file on your smartphone. This is the easy part. However, what if you want to play it on your PC? Downloading it in a PC is the real task as you can not carry your PC around. So in this article, we will guide you how to install to install Pokémon Go on your PC using Android Emulators Bluestacks and Koplayer. You can follow the steps mentioned below to install Pokémon Go on your PC.

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Download and Install Pokemon GO app on PC Windows Laptop

  • Download Bluestacks from here or Download Koplayer from this website.(You can use either one of them.)
  • Add Kingroot to KoPlayer/Bluestacks. Just download Kingroot apk and open it with Bluestacks or KoPlayer.
  • Run Kingroot using KoPlayer/Bluestacks. Click on Try it and then Optimize.
  • Now add Lucky Patcher to KoPlayer/Bluestacks and open it. Download it from here.
  • Click on Grant option.
  • Select rebuild option at the bottom.
  • Now write SD > Windows > Find Fake GPS 4.6 .apk
  • Using Lucky Patcher, install the Fake GPS app as a System app.
  • If it asks you to Reboot, select No.
  • Close everything but the welcome tab. Also Read: Download VOOT App for PC Windows 7/8/8.1/XP/10 Laptop.
  • Restart Android
  • Install apk file of Pokemon GO using KoPlayer/Bluestacks.
  • Open Lucky Patcher and click on search.
  • Go to Filter on the top right and select System apps.  There you will find Fake GPS, open it.
  • Go to Settings of Fake GPS and turn on Expert mode.
  • Select a place of your choice on the GPS from where you want to start. That will be your fake current position. Press okay and the map will be closed.
  • Open Pokemon GO and enjoy.

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It is an augmented reality game that uses your GPS to find your location, and you find Pokémons according to your area. Like if you live near the sea, you will most likely find the water Pokémons.

A Professor is there in the game who provides you with all the necessary instructions. He hands you over your first pokémon when you start the game. You can also give your pokémons that you do not need back to the professor and have rewards in return.

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Pokémon originally had 151 kinds. Later the number was expanded to as many as 720 pokémons. This game only has 151 original pokémons, and they can be evolved and upgraded using various rewards.

The Gyms situated around you are the places where you can fight with other users and earn rewards by which you can upgrade your pokémons.

Niantic is going to organize public events in many areas for the users from all around the world can come and trade the rare pokémons between themselves.

Author Conclusion About Pokemon GO for Windows PC

I hope you find this sort of tutorial download links posts pretty impressive. I think you have read the full article entirely, and now you will try this yourself. Moreover, fell free to download if you are facing any problem while downloading Pokemon GO App for Windows PC Laptop. Share your thought in the comments section and also make sure to share this post with your friend.


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      Sorry for the problem and thanks for letting me know. I will fix it as soon as possible.

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  1. I really don’t get that part copied below. After selecting REBUILD & INSTALL at the bottom (the option that i see in my lucky patcher goes like that), where will I write that next step? PLEAASE HEEELP.

    “Select rebuild option at the bottom.
    Now write SD > Windows > Find Fake GPS 4.6 .apk
    Using Lucky Patcher, install the Fake GPS app as a System app.”

    Thank you! #

  2. Hello, I have a few question
    I have install the bluestack on my pc, do I need connect my handphone to my computer ?
    I have install the king root, but its name is kingoroot apk file, not king root, does it correct ?
    I open the bluestack and install the kingoroot, then I found that the picture of my kingoroot is different with your kingroot, after I click on the my kingoroot, it doesn’t have any response, the screen does not appear the same things with yours in that video

  3. Hello, my name is fung, I’ve faced a problem. When I want to open the fake gps, it say I can’t operate it because my google play service need to be update, then I click the button to update, play store was appear on the screen, there was google play service in the play store just like we find our games or apps in play store and click into it to see more information about that app or game, there had two button, update and open respectively, I click “update”, it didn’t response, how to fix this problem ? I’m confusing whether I need to connect my handphone to my laptop or no need to do so, it said my google play service was haven’t been updated, is it mean the google play service on my handphone or on my computer or where ?

  4. Pokemon is becoming the most played game nowadays and people are looking for ways how to download it on pc and how to play it.i found an easy tutorial through which I downloaded this app and there are some easy tips to catch Pikachu ,some tips how to mock QPS location etc hope it helps you like it helped me How to download Pokemon go & PC hacks.

    • Do you don’t need to take it on your hands and roam outside, That would be crazy! read the post i have described what to do.


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