Voot is a video-on-demand platform that hosts content from several TV channels like Nickelodeon, Colors in several different languages covering Gujarati, Kannada, Marathi, and Bangla. Voot is completely free to use. The website is updated frequently, and new episodes from several channels are added, also there are many Voot original Shows. Other than that, it also has movies and children’s cartoons.

Voot app tracks your dislikes and like and then recommends you shows according to the shows you already watch. You can even recommend new TV series to your friends from the app itself. The app allows you to stream in three different video qualities: high definition, auto, and data saving. However, in this tutorial we will share with you how you can download videos from voot for free. So if you are ready to learn then let’s get started.


How to Download Voot Videos

how to download videos from voot

There are two methods to download videos from Voot. The first method is for Windows and Mac computers and the second method is for Android phones. We have listed both methods below, follow the one which you need.

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Download Voot Videos on Your Computer

This method is for downloading videos from Voot on Windows and Mac computers. Before you do this, you need to install VLC media player which is very common and is found on most computers these days. However, if you don’t have this app, you can download it from here.

Step 1: Start the web browser on your computer. Go to Voot.com and start playing the video you want to download.

voot website screenshot

Step 2: Go to the URL bar and copy the URL of the video.

Step 3: Now open 9xbuddy.com in a new tab. 9xbuddy is a video downloader service which allows users to download videos in M3U8 format.

Step 4: Enter the URL of the video in the text field and press search. You will see the links to different video qualities being loaded. Do not press the download button. Doing that will only download a .m3u8 file which is not the video you want to download. Instead, right-click on the Download Now button and press copy link address in the menu.

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Step 5: Now start VLC media player. In the Menu Bar, open Media and click the Open Network Stream option.

Step 6: In the window that opens, paste the URL you copied from 9xbuddy. Do not press the play button. Instead, click the small arrow which is next to the play button and click the ‘Stream’ option over there.

Step 7: In the next window, just press the Next button. When the Destination Setup window comes up, choose the Add button and then choose the Browse button. Select where you want to download the video and name the file. Then select the Next button.

Step 8: Then in the Transcoding Options window, uncheck Activate Transcoding and press the Next button. Then press the Stream button.

Now the blue seek bar will start increasing, and you will see that a new MP4 file is created in the destination which you selected. If you right click on it and go to properties, you will see that its size is increasing. When the blue seek bar reaches the end, it means that the video is fully downloaded and you can now watch it.

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Download Voot Videos On Android Phone

This method is for downloading videos from Voot on Android phones. In this method, we will use Videoder.

Step 1: Go to www.videoder.net and download Videoder. Videoder is a video downloader for Android which allows you to download videos from video sharing and social media sites like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

Step 2: After you have downloaded the app, install it and launch it.


Step 3: Videoder contains an inbuilt browser. Go to www.voot.com using the browser in Videoder. Browse the video you want to download.

Step 4: When the video starts playing, you will see a red download button in the bottom left corner of the screen. Press it, and it will ask you the quality and format you want to download the video in.

Step 5: When you select the quality, the video will start downloading.

Videoder does not require root. It is not available on the Google Play Store because it allows users to download copyrighted content.

These were the two methods to download videos from Voot. If you do not understand any method or step mentioned above or if you have any queries, please ask in the comments section below.

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