Just like any other normal internet user I do use Facebook a lot but seems like it’s down right now. I am not sure about what had happened, but here’s what I am able to see when I am trying to access the social networking giant.

The Screenshot is taken at 10:11 PM on Thursday 24 September 2015 (GMT+5:30). Just now I also tried to access the facebook.com, and I found that there’s also something wrong with it. Actually, it seems like it is also down, maybe the Facebook servers are not working or maybe Facebook is implementing some awesome new features to masseneger.com and the main facebook.com site.

Now, after trying to access the Facebook and messenger.com for a couple of times, I found that it’s working fine now (just after a couple of minutes of down time it’s working now). It seems like whatever happens to Facebook their engineers are always pretty active too find any technical error and solve it as fast as possible. Now that Facebook is opening and working fine, I will try to chat with my friend, so have a good night (It’s pretty late now so) and hope you enjoy reading my blog. Check out some of the old posts that I have written in the past, the links are mentioned below.


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