Pros and Cons of Using Garageband For Chromebook

If you are a keen user of the Chrome operating system, you will have heard of the GarageBand software. The application enables you to access your own collection of audio files from your own laptop or smartphone, and even sync them with your Chrome devices. The software was originally designed as a complement to other services that are provided by Google and was launched on the Google Play Store as an app. Now it is available as a free download for users of the Chrome browser. Check out Garageband for pc to download it for PC.

The concept behind GarageBand for Chromebook is simple yet effective. You can drag and drop all of your audio files from your computer into a “My Garage” section. Once there, you can then arrange and rearrange them in order to create your own set of playlists. You can also edit the track, add a custom title, and save it as a new recording.

One feature that really excites me about this keyboard is the fact that there are no longer any hardware limitations. When I used the PC earlier, I always had to turn my screen off when saving any kind of file, so as not to disturb the rest of my work. On the Chromebook, that problem is eliminated.

The keyboard is comfortable to use and the layout is quite similar to the one on the PC. There are separate functions buttons which let you quickly switch between inputs, and there are also dedicated options for volume and track selection. The on-screen keys are responsive and offer a satisfying amount of travel for typing and navigating. The overall sensitivity of the keys is what makes using the keyboard for Chromecomes so enjoyable.

One of the best features of the keyboard for Chromecomes is the visual feedback it provides. Clicking on any of the icons will highlight their position in the lower right-hand corner of the screen. This makes it very easy to locate the controls for the track you want to play. I particularly like the shortcuts for pause, rewind and next/previous track.

However, the only minor complaint I have is that there are only four hot keys and not five as on the PC. This can actually be changed by the user through the settings. Nevertheless, this is easily fixed by more practice. The area above the number keys is reserved for the bookmarks button, which is useful. You can, however, click on the clock at the top of the screen to access your recent files.

The main reason why I prefer the keyboard for Chromecomes is that it allows me to use Chromecomes in a mobility mode. With my laptop case at my side, I can quickly turn the Chromebook on and tap buttons all over again. This is a huge benefit compared to the iPhone, which I have to physically maneuver my phone between positions to tap certain functions. The Chromebook has a special function key, which allows me to switch between apps with my fingers.

If you need a keyboard for ChromeOS, then the Chromebook is perfect for you. You can download many Google apps from the Chrome Web Store for free. It is also an affordable device with prices starting at under $250. If you are looking for a solid all-around Android keyboard with a great quality built-in virtual keyboard then the Chromebook is definitely for you.

A third benefit to having a keyboard for the Chromebook is the lack of peripheral connectivity. While the Chromebook ships with an external keyboard, it does not work with any USB devices or Bluetooth. This might not be a problem for you, especially if you regularly use Google apps, but it can limit what you can do.

If you need Bluetooth for your Google productivity tools, then this is not a consideration. However, if you need an external Bluetooth keyboard or if you travel often and need to charge your phone, then this could be a potential problem. You can, however, use Bluetooth headphones with the Chromebook. These headphones allow you to use the speaker output while plugging in your laptop.

All in all, the Chromebook works great. The biggest issue that I see is the lack of portability. While it works great with the iPad and iPhone, it lacks the versatility of being able to use it on the go. Most people use their laptops to do most of their computing, so the Chromebook is limiting to what you can do when you’re not in the car or at the beach. However, these are issues that you’ll likely be faced with overtime as the system becomes more popular.

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