GBWhatsapp is an advanced version of Whatsapp with extra features which Whatsapp lacks to give. The developers of GBWhatsapp have noticed the urge of users over time and added sets of features to lure users. The GBWhatsapp team furthermore managed to increase the limitations of Whatsapp to send limited numbers of images and limited file sizes.Download GB WhatsApp

If you are an android user you must have had installed Whatsapp at least once on your smartphone. The reason why Whatsapp is popular is because of simplicity, but there are few users which want to have extra features on the same platform. These users cease to shift to other platforms as most of their contacts are only available on Whatsapp messenger.

The application also received some facial changes like attractive style chances and more theme options. It is loaded with the latest video calling along with additional feature like invisible mode. Features like dual Whatsapp without any external application makes GBWhatsapp a must have application. Furthermore installing the official Whatsapp makes an environment to run three Whatsapp accounts on a single Android smartphone. You can directly download GB WhatsApp APK from below.

WhatsApp Plus latest version is ban proof, earlier many users have reported ban issues in modded Whatsapp but this version is free from ban issues.

Disclaimer: We have shared this app for educational purposes, we do not encourage or suggest you to root, hack or penetrate any security settings on your device. Nither we suggested you to download any modified app.

Download GB WhatsApp APK

Name GB WhatsApp 6.0
Size 36.8 MB
Requirement Android 2.3
Author GBmods developers

Download GB WhatsApp APK

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Features Of GBWhatsApp App

  • Ban Proof.
  • Invisible Mod.
  • Ability to filter messages while using clear chat.
  • Ability to revoke “Read More” option in long messages.
  • Added ability to select multiple contacts in scheduler for messages.
  • Delete or recall sent messages.
  • Added similar emojis with search options.
  • Anti-Revoke (Privacy Options).
  • Storage of online and offline data of your contacts.
  • Option to duplicate your friend’s status.
  • Quick reply feature.
  • Added live location sharing.
  • Hundreds of language support.
  • Fixed bugs while sending videos to contacts.
  • Fixed buggy map for location sharing.
  • Advanced storage management in settings.
  • Capability to send 30MB videos instead of limited 16MB on regular Whatsapp.
  • Bypass the limitations of 139 characters status to 260 characters.
  • Can easily differentiate between broadcast messages and normal chats.
  • Installation of GBWhatsapp is easy and without any hassle.
  • Options to change notifications and application icon.
  • Design mods to alter icons/bubbles.

GBWhatsapp has the potentials to do wonders when you have that extra space on your mobile phone. You can find several themes in the GBWhatsapp application itself, you can yourself select your favorite ones.


How To Install GBWhatsapp on your Android Device

  1. Download GBWhatsapp from above link.
  2. Before you are installing this version of GBWhatsapp, uninstall the previously installed GBWhatsapp if exist.
  3. Check “allow unknown sources” from your Android settings.
  4. Locate and open the GBWhatsapp application on your Android device.
  5. Follow the installation screen and finish GBWhatsapp installation.

GBWhatsapp Errors And Fixes

Application Crash: Open settings>applications>GBWhatsapp>clear data. If still not solved, uninstall GBWhatsapp and download latest GBWhatsapp from our website.

Two Media or Emails: Turn off invisible mode and restart the application.

Parse error: Download a fresh GBWhatsapp APK from our website.

Unfortunately, GBWhatsapp has crashed prompts: Uninstall Xposed module if you have installed one.

Conclusion From 7Downloads Editor

Understanding the fact that Whatsapp is known for its simplicity and has gained its users due to the same thing. Still, you might want to try GBWhatsapp for additional features which the official Whatsapp lacks.

Which feature did you like about GBWhatsapp most? Comment your opinions in the comment section.

Have some problems with GBWhatsapp? Stuck somewhere? Comment down, we will be happy to help.


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