Grammarly Review 2017 – Pro’s and Con’s of using Grammarly

Being a Professional writer myself, I know the importance of proper grammar and writing style.

Grammarly reviewI’m not a Native English speaker, that’s why from quite a long time I was trying some “Grammar Checker Tools”, and By God’s Grace I come across Grammarly🙂

I’m it from last few months for my work. At this point, I’m really impressed with Grammarly, and That’s why I’m writing this review.

Here I have tried my best to cover both of the Pros and Cons of this tool. The only think i want from you guys is – Please read this review carefully (It’s worth it). Also, If possible then use our link (available at the end of the post) to create your Grammarly account it will support the blog. So enough of my story, Now let me review Grammarly.

You can go to famous reviewing, introductory, tutorial or any niche website which is popular, and you will find that their content is flawless, with no grammatical errors whatsoever. We all know that content is what makes a good website, all other features are just decorations and eye candies. If you want to make a good website/ want to write like a pro, you should purely focus on how good your writing is. It should be engaging, meaningful and of course, error-free.

There are various tools available online to check your writing for grammatical errors. Grammarly is one of best tools available online, check the reasons why you should be using it. You can also call these the Pros of Grammarly, As a matter of fast i have written this post on Grammarly(See Screenshot).

Writing on Grammarly


Pros: Grammarly is accurate to great extent. I have personally used it, by intentionally adding paragraph full of typos, wrong sentence structure, with flawed grammar. After going through the passage, it successfully found up to 95% of the errors, but after adding another paragraph full of errors, the accuracy was about 90%.

Cons: I have concluded that it mostly does basic things, like capitalization, subject/verb agreement, and use of articles, use of negatives, use of prepositions, adjectives, adverbs, and modifiers. However, according to the developers – “Grammarly can identify up to 250 grammatical mistakes”. For grammar Nazis, it still needs some improvements, but nevertheless, I think it is a pretty accurate tool.

Writing on Grammarly (Great for Learners)

grammar error highlighted on grammarly

In Grammarly, The errors of your writing will be highlighted. If you click on them, you will get to know why it is a mistake, and the correct words suggestions will be given which can save your hell lot of time. I think the interface is quite good, understandable, yet advanced. Also, The MS Word integration makes it a handy tool for office use, for checking errors in various official documents.

When you use Grammarly to check for the errors, the word or the sentence which is incorrect, automatically gets underlined by red text, and below it, a dialog box appears suggesting and explaining the error. This is of great help for learners and non-native speakers.

It’s Build for Both Beginners & Professionals

Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism is practiced by a lot of people to make their website good, but not anymore. The tool helps you to find out the copied content. I have tried various quotes from the books, of Shakespeare, and discovered that, for some quotes, it showed that it is copied, but not for all. It is Pretty Good, though.

Sometimes i had to deal with freelancer writers myself, and this feature of Grammarly helps me to make sure that they are not Plagiarizing any other article on the web. So, If you deal with other writers, then you should use Plagiarism feature of Grammarly, It can save your blog or work from getting destroyed with copied stuff from other authors.

Also, If you want, a PDF showing statistics about the errors and suggestions will be made. It is really helpful when you want someone to make corrections for you.

Using Grammarly is Damn Easy

Grammarly’s Whole Interface is very simple, and working experience on this tool is good. You can directly upload, enter text, or copy words in the box, and run the test. If you want to run the test for plagiarism, the button is right there. Everything is organized, and you won’t find any difficulty in using the tool. Even a Child can use this tool!

My Conclusion

Grammarly is of great help, and the support given by the whole Grammarly team is just awesome. The speed of checking gets a little bit slow sometimes, but on the accuracy, it does a pretty good job.


It will surely make your Writing worth reading, without any grammatical errors. For the better understanding of this tool, you can view tutorials, procedures, and step by step help on the official website.

Overall, I would say that Grammarly is very useful, and I would rate it among the few that actually works and works really, really, really well. Personally, I would recommend it to everyone who writes and for professional writers and bloggers i will say – “Create your Free Grammarly account, you can thank me later!”.

   Check Grammarly



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