This article is about creating a WhatsApp Account, Read it to learn how you can create your WhatsApp account for free. Right now WhatsApp is the most popular social networking platform. These days people are more active on WhatsApp than Facebook and every other social media platform altogether.

how-to-create-a-whatsapp-accountIt seems like everyone and their dog and even dogs dog have a WhatsApp account today(Just a Joke!). Even if someone doesn’t have a WhatsApp account until today, he should definitely consider creating one now.

Some of the beginners and newbies may ask: “How to Create A WhatsApp Account?” The million dollar question rises. Well frankly speaking it’s not hard to sign up for WhatsApp but for the sake of new users, I’m writing this article.

Before i jump into the step by step process let me tell you my story. This thing just happened to me. One of my friends asked me: “What’s WhatsApp, Do you have and account?, How can i create an account for myself”. Well, She has just brought a new Android phone. I described the process to here, and then i got the idea to write this article. So here we go.

How to Create A New WhatsApp Account Free on Mobile/PC

The answer to your million dollar question “How to Create a WhatsApp Account” is very easy. Just read the following steps carefully and you will understand. For your assistance i have included some screenshots of doing the same, however if you face any issue you can already drop your query at the comment section. Start reading the following the paragraphs.

Step 1: Download Latest Version of WhatsApp Apk or WhatsApp for PC to your Phone/PC.

After downloading WhatsApp, just install it on your device (PC/Smartphone) and jump to the next step.

Step 2: Now open WhatsApp and follow the Screen Instructions, you will see that WhatsApp will ask you to enter your mobile number.


Step 3: Enter your mobile number and click next. Now you will be shortly verifying your mobile number.

Step 4: After verifying your mobile number just enter your name and upload your profile picture (commonly known as WhatsApp DP).


That’s it 🙂 Now you have successfully created your WhatsApp Account.

Note: If you own a two sim smartphone, then do check out how to use Two WhatsApp Accounts on One Phone.

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