Are you a serious office worker or a geek who loves to try new things all the time? Then my friend this trick is for you, here you will learn a VLC Media player hack about setting a moving wallpaper on your computer desktop.

The title of the post should be enough to impress you but, even if you are not impressed yet, I think you will be after reading this post. Believe me, you will start talking VLC media player even more serious than ever. VLC media player is indeed the best general purpose media player for Windows computers. However, there are some niche specific media player like K M Player which are better for some special reasons, anyway today I will share a great tip for the VLC media player with you guys. So check it out below.

How to Set a Moving Wallpaper in Windows Computer

  • Download and Install VLC Media Player on Your Computer. You may Also: Download mCent for Laptop
  • Now play a video using the VLC Media Player, (it’s needless to say that play that video which you want to set as wallpaper).

  • Now check the image below you will see that I have clicked on these as Wallpaper” option from the “Video” menu. Just do the same and your Video Will be set as your computer wallpaper? Hope you like the post, do comment below to let me know.

We all use beautiful yet awesome wallpapers on our computers, but how it would be if you can set a video wallpaper on your desktop, isn’t, that would be more awesome than the old method of using a still wallpaper.

Unlike android in windows there is no built-in method for setting a moving image as wallpaper, however, if you use VLC Media player then you can follow the steps in order to set a video wallpaper in your windows computer. Hope you find this tutorial helpful.


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