Read this post and Find out “do reliance jio limits it’s network usage and download speed or not” to it’s users under the jio welcome offer. The internet revolution has started. When Mukesh Ambani introduced Jio in front of millions of savvy internet users in India, he told the same.

does-jio-limits-network-speedThe unlimited internet for three months! That’s something no Indians have ever heard of. For the same reason, Jio became a crowd puller. They managed to cross over 10 million in the total number of their customers.

Once the customers get the hang of Jio, they realised one fact. The unlimited idea is a mirage. In this article, I am going to explain whether a data pack limit is present on Jio or not.

Does Jio Limit Usage Access and Download Speed?

Before I get into the core of this post, I want to give some facts about Jio.

  1. Being launched on September 5, Jio has become an instant hit in Indian telecom field. Even before the commercial launch, they have a preview offer, which included zero FUP.
  2. They have a lot of masterminds working for them. The preview offer was one such idea. With the help of preview offer, they managed to get a huge coverage at the time of real commercial launch. And, people got to know about it more.
  3. The preview offer wasn’t available for everyone. The limited number of users helped Jio to keep their speed higher. Once they launched commercially, the good words from preview offer users helped them to get the best reach.
  4. The number of Jio SIMs for preview offer was limited. There were queues in front of mobile shops to buy Jio SIMs. Those who couldn’t get their hands on preview offer became satisfied with the welcome offer.
  5. They already preempted the issue as they get more number of users. If you check the last page of the leaflet, you can bust the myth about unlimited data.

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Does Jio Limit Usage Access?

Yes, it does! Once you exhaust 4 GB data in a day, they will throttle down the speed to 128 Kbps. I know it is way too less than you would expect.

Still, 4GB is a lot. As far as my usage is concerned, I can easily use internet without any speed issues with that FUP. Remember, the fair usage policy of BSNL is only 5GB per month.

What Jio offers, on the other hand, is 120 GB per month. That’s obviously a loooot of data.

A typical movie has a size of about 700MB. In that sense, you can download 150 movies per month.

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Why did They Impose such a Limit?

questionLet us imagine there is no such limitation. As the number of users increase, the Jio servers will easily become busy.

So, you will have to use the internet in very low speed for all the time. There are no such issues now up to 4 GB of usage.

In reality, the usage still remains as unlimited. You can use unlimited amount of data even in low speed.

Wrapping Up

In fact, they impose a limitation on the network speed that you will have to browse with 128 kbps after you exhaust 4GB per day.

Still, there are some methods to bypass this limitation. I have already written about such a trick you can read that here (I have also mention that trick in the middle of article.)

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