You own a Jio SIM, don’t you? And, you are afraid to put it into the phone because you think it will lock the slot. Maybe, you are scared to purchase a SIM card for the same reason. Is it true? Does Jio SIM card really lock our phone’s SIM slot? Can you use a SIM card of another operator into the same port where you inserted Jio SIM?

I know you have so any questions like this in your mind. Don’t worry! I am going to answer all of them in this article. Just to be clear: I took inspiration from a Quora post to write the answer of the question. (You can download myjio apk from here and don’t forget to check my new article on how to get a jio sim by generating barcode from myjio app)


Is Reliance Jio Locking Your Phone’s SIM Slot?

Let me ask you one thing. Have you ever seen a USB drive that locks the port, into which it is inserted? You know you can lock the drive from third-party access. Still, you can plug in a second drive into the same port, right?

Literally, a USB drive can’t do anything to your computer merely plugging it into the port.

The same goes on with a SIM card too. You may argue that a USB drive can contain virus (maybe). Yeah, that doesn’t mean a SIM card can also be infected. Why because a SIM card can’t store much data. Even the number of contacts stored in a SIM card is limited. Then, how can anyone store packets of data in it?

I hope you understood. Let me break it for you!

Only your smartphone manufacturer can lock your SIM card slot, that too during the manufacturing process.

SIM card merely works as a connecting bridge between the telecom network and your device. It can only work as per the instructions of the device. The counter-communication (from SIM to device) isn’t possible. Yeah, it is more of a master-slave relationship where your phone is the master (obviously).

Why Some Users Face Issues With Using Other SIM in the Same Slot

Still, some users might have faced some issue with using other SIMs in the same port, they used Jio in. Why does it happen?

questionSee, Jio is a 4G LTE based device. So, you have to change the network type by following Settings>> Cellular Network, once you change the SIM card. Or else, you will not get the network signal on your phone.

Can you use a SIM card of another operator into the same port where you inserted Jio SIM?

Yes, you can! I have already given you the answer for this question. After changing the SIM, you have to make sure that the network type is changed. Or else, it will be a havoc getting the signals.

Is it Possible to Port Your Jio Number?

Here comes yet another popular rumor. You can’t port your Jio number. Damn it! It is one hell of a rumor.

You can port your Jio number to whichever carrier you want. Mobile number portability is not a feature that can be ditched by a telecom operator. It is put forward by government of India.

Final Words From the Author

I hope I could clear all your doubts regarding Jio SIM. Is there anything still pending?

Don’t worry! Rush to the comment form and scribble down your confusion there. I will come up with the answer as early as possible.

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