Update: The mCent Marketplace is dead now, However The company behaind mCent Launched mCent Browser. You should download mCent browser from here.

As the free mobile recharge business is on its pick right now, mCent is growing at lightning speed. Most of you already know about mCent and probably it’s the favorite app of you guys for getting free mobile recharge. Some of you are even using mCent on your PC, in the past, I have written a blog post about Download mCent for PC.

But there are some times when you may don’t want to use your mobile phone or you are already on your computer browsing the web or working on it. But, you have money on your mCent account and you do need to recharge your mobile right now, so that’s the time when you may need to login to your mCent account on your PC. So, if you are in this position then read how you can log in to your mCent account via your computer for doing quick recharge using your mCent cash.

Also, Download mCent app for Windows Phone or iPhone/iPad.

mCent login

mcent login

How to Login on mCent.com

mCent was first launched as a website which provides offers, surveys and gives rewards to the users to completing them. At that time, you can even earn money from mcent.com without using any app. But, right now as the popularity has increased, the mCent official website is pretty useless now. Although you can recharge your mobile phone using the money you have already earned on mCent. For that, you have to log into mCent on PC. Now you may wonder how’s that going to happen, unlike normal router log in which can be easily done by just going to, mcent login is a little different. However, It’s pretty easy just go to this link and login to your mCent account.

mCent is one of the most popular free mobile recharge apps available right now. But there are many other apps which also pays a pretty good amount of money just like mCent. You may check this list of free recharge apps for Android devices. Hope you find this tutorial helpful. Thanks for visiting my blog.

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  1. How to Create a new account?
    I already try many times but unfortunately I didn’t get success.
    because when i try to put the verification code and click submit. there show a error message ” unauthorized account” please give me the problem’s solutions.
    And I’ve one more request and that is
    how to create a new a/c with bluestack in TASK BUCKS.
    there are no options to put the verification code manually .
    now what to do for account verify ?

  2. Go to play store and download mcent app and download after open mCent aap and choose sign up option and type your number and password click sign up to ready your account…….. download Mcent through aap and earn……. ENJOY

  3. Hi,
    I have create an account with my fb account.now how will i add numbers in mcent browser? so that i can recharge my mobile number.
    Pls reply soon.


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