We rely on online recharge apps these days a lot because they give us an opportunity to recharge anywhere, anytime without much of an effort. But with many websites available on the internet, we may get confused which website is the best. Converging my thoughts, I find only three websites worth comparing, they’re PayTM, Mobikwik and Freecharge. Let’s have a look on their features.


PayTM is a huge mobile-based e-commerce website, started off with recharging platform, but emerged later as a shopping website. When it comes to recharging your balance, the site is well structured, with proper menus, payment options and you can pay from the wallet inside. The wallet has to be refilled by your debit card, or by net banking, and you can use that for various transactions.

Doing recharge with PayTM is simple, you just have to choose your carrier, your package, and some clicks. The service is instant, you will find no problem while recharging. Due to offers, cashback, and many other profitable deals, PayTM becomes the only website you want to visit while recharging. One can also use Paytm for PC.

Customer support service is not that good, sometimes, due to some bug, or error in connections, money gets deducted from the account, but recharge doesn’t happen. If you go to customer support, they will make excuses, and take time, for processing your complaint, which is longer than usual. Overall, it is an excellent website for recharge, but not for the aftermath.


Mobikwik has made a great debut recently, by giving offers, cash back, deals like never before. Everyone has trust issues with new websites these days, but this is worth a shot. The app is similar to PayTM but has to offer a lot more than it. The feature that makes it stand out apart is offline payments, there are many stores, which supports offline payments with the help of it, like CCD, Sagar Ratna, Big Bazaar, WH Smith and many more. The procedure is simple, you just have given the OTP to the cashier, when requested.

The app only focuses on recharge, online transactions, and bills, which is a good thing, as it is a payment app that what it should be doing. The thing that impressed me is speed, which is unmatchable, and you could carry forward any transaction with low-speed internet connections, without any problem. I recommend you guys to check mobikwik for PC.

They’re new, but customer support is really good. In fact, the all is so reliable, that you would hardly need any support, even if you do, your welcome.


It is a simple, elegant, yet highly efficient app for recharging, paying bills of DTH, and other services. You’re always going to get more than you paid, in terms of recharging amount. They also provide free coupons, which could get delivered on your address with additional charges of 10 rupees.

The transactions are always going to be bug-free, secure and reliable. I have used this app for quite a long time, and I couldn’t be more satisfied. Also now you can use freecharge app on PC too, check freecharge for PC.


The app is a no troublemaker what so ever, so if I would have to recommend one website as your recharge companion, I would recommend Freecharge, but if you want to go for good offers, you can go to Mobikwik as they’re giving you more, for customer attraction. PayTM is just regular recharge website, so use it if you’re old school.


  1. FreeCharge is better than Paytm and it gives us so many free coupons and cashback offer and its new vurtual card feature is awesome for those who dont have any debit card.

  2. freecharge is bugged. they do not allow to change the mobile number more than thrice. Altimately you will end up with multiple accounts. Highly inconvenient.

  3. Whatever you say, the other two can never beat Freecharge
    + Lightning fast recharge
    + Virtual Credit Card
    + Free money while recharging
    + Free money on adding up cash
    + Free money when shopping
    + Free money upon paying utility bills
    + Prompt customer service response

    And much more


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