Poke Rader app is the best Pokemon finding tool for Pokemon GO player. Here you can free download latest version of Poke Rader Apk for Android. Pokemon Go is getting popular day by day. Millions of people have downloaded this game. The counting does not stop yet more, and more users are downloading Pokemon GO. You will see at least two or three people playing Pokemon Go in anywhere you go(You can even play Pokemon GO on PC!).

Poke Radar Apk DownloadPeople are roaming the streets to catch some Geodude and Ekans. The more you play the game, the more it is enjoyable for you. At the beginning of the game, you have to create your character, and you can choose one of the Pokemon which are Charmander, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle. You can even get Pikachu if you avoid catching Pokemon for the first time.

Trainers have to work hard to catch Pokemon. Catching Pokemon are not easy as you have no idea where exactly the Pokemon are. You are all depending on that nearby Pokemon section which does not even tell in which direction the Pokemon is, and that could be a bummer and stressful especially if you go in the wrong direction.

That’s why some third party developers have created an app which tells you the location of certain Pokemon. The app is called Poke Radar, and it is an assistant for Pokemon Go app. All the Pokemon Locations are spotted or create by some other trainers like you. Poke Rader is not available on Google Play, But, you can directly download Poke rader apk from below.

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Poke Radar APK Free Download for Pokemon GO

The Latest Version of Poke Rader is 1.60 last updated on 21 August 2016.

   Download Poke Rader Apk

How the Poke Rader App Works

Poke Rader works in a very simple manner as most of the main activities of the app will be done by trainers itself. Suppose if you found a Pikachu or any other Pokemon in a specific place you can set a point there on the map so that other trainers will know that Pokemon is available on that particular point that you have already set.

This way you and other trainers won’t have to search Pokemon blindly. Everybody needs a helping hand, and this app is a great way which can let you implement that.

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When playing Pokemon GO Poke Radar can be very handy, and it does not take much space in your storage. The latest version of Poke Radar has more reliability and bugs free also. Poke Radar version 1.6 is the latest, and you can download it from the links mentioned above. You will need the apk file of the app to download and install Poke Radar on your Android Smartphone.

The steps to download the apk file of Poke Radar and install it on your Android Smartphone are fairly easy. Open up Google Chrome using your smartphone and on the search bar type “Poke Radar apk download” and tap on the search button. Enter one of the sites which has the real apk file of Poke Radar and which does not include any spam. Download the apk file and it will download on your smartphone in a few minutes. After downloading the Poke Rader apk file, open it from the notification bar and install the app as usual. That’s it now you can open the Poke Rader app and look at the map where Pokemon are located.


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