Pokemon Emerald apk Download for Free. The gaming industry in smartphones are reaching a very high peak as the games like Pokemon Go, and other famous games are being played by millions of people. Let’s talk about the most popular gaming series right now i.e Pokemon series.

Pokemon Emerald ApkPokemon Go is actually one of the most amazing game of this decade. The game, within no time reached to millions of downloads. After being pumped by this huge achievement, the corporation launched another amazing game, named Pokemon Go emerald. In a way, Pokemon Go emerald to is an extension for Pokemon Go.

So, our this article is completely based on Pokemon emerald game and it’s features, which have been discussed below. Plus, we would be also discussing the complete procedure to download this game for free.

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Pokemon Emerald is based on the famous Pokemon Go concept with some differences which makes it a unique stand in Pokemon games series. Just like Pokemon GO you have to catch Pokemon in this game, you have to explore and search for the Pokemon. This will give you more experience and of course more Pokemon.

At the Beginning of the game, you have to train your Pokemon that you have selected in the beginning. You don’t have to explore areas for real in this game like you have to in Pokemon Go. The game takes place in the world called Hoenn, and that’s where you will have to play and catch as much as Pokemon. Hoenn is big enough for Pokemon to hide and it is not that easy to catch some rear Pokemon. Catching a Pokemon is just as same as Pokemon Go.

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Download Pokemon Emerald Apk for Android

   Pokemon Emerald Apk

You have to throw your Poke balls towards the Pokemon. The more accurate you throw your Poke balls, the more chances it will be to catch Pokemon successfully. Pokemon Emerald is based and connected with LeafGreen and FireRed Kanto. The Story line and objectives of the game will be shown to you at the beginning of the game.

In other Pokemon games, you have to assign one of your Pokemon in the gym and to fight against other Pokemon. In the same way, you have to compete in Gyms to win over the gym and to assign one of your Pokemon in the particular gyms. You have to fight against Four teams in acquiring a gym.

After fighting in gyms, you can continue your journey and explore the Hoenn with and catch more Pokemon. Pokemon Emerald has amazing animations here and there in the game which makes it more enjoyable to play. Other changes are also implemented in the game.

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Features of Pokemon Emerald

  • Pokemon Emerald has some more added animations.
  • Multiple outfits for your characters.
  • Pokemon Emerald is free to download.
  • Great story line which makes it more fun and enjoyable than its previous versions.

Now I will tell you how you can download and install Pokemon Emerald on your Android smartphone. You have to download the apk file of Pokemon Emerald to run this game on your Android smartphone. Follow the steps below to install Pokemon Emerald.

How to download and install Pokemon Emerald on your Android Smartphone

  1. Using your smartphone Open up google chrome and type “Pokemon Emerald apk download” and tap on the search button.
  2. After getting all the results look for the most authentic and reliable site in which you can download the apk file of Pokemon Emerald.
  3. Enter the site and tap on the download button.
  4. After downloading the file, it’s time to install it.
  5. Just simple tap on the apk file and install the Pokemon Emerald app on your Android device. Now enjoy the game.


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