pokemon goPokemon Go APK: Pokemon Go is a very popular game developed by Niantic. In 2017 this game became viral and everyone, their father, mother and grandma were playing Pokemon Go. This game was so popular that few governments had to make laws for only this game. If you want to download Pokemon Go APK Android game latest version then you have landed on the right page. Download the game from here.

Even if you are not a fan of Pokemon, the real-life experience provided by the Pokemon Go game makes it worth a try. In some countries like India; The company has put the launch of this app on hold as due to the overwhelming response to the game. And it needs time to add more servers so that it works smoothly and fix Issues like Pokemon Go GPS Not Found Error, Pokemon Go has stopped working, or Pokemon Go camera not working.

So, rather than waiting for its official launch in your country, here’s how you can download Pokemon Go on your smartphone. In fact, there is even a Pokemon Go for PC if you also want that. Just after this paragraph, you can see the download link and after that, you will read the best features of Pokemon Go. You can download the APK file of Pokemon Go from here and install it on your android smartphone.

Download Pokemon Go APK

Name Pokemon GO 0.103.3
Size 83.64 MB
Requirement Android 4.4
Author Niantic, Inc

Download Pokemon Go

How to Install Pokemon GO APK Game on Android Phone

How to download and play Pokemon Go right now in india

First of all, you have to set your smartphone to accept installation of apps from unknown sources. This will let you easily download the apps that are not available on Play Store. To do this, go to Settings and then go to Security, there you will find Unknown Sources option. Turn that on or select Allow.

Now you will be able to install Pokemon Go APK in India. Download the game from this page (you can find download link above this paragraph) and install the game on your smartphone. At last, Enjoy catching your favorite pokemon and trade yours with others on your smartphone!


  • It is an augmented reality game which gives you real life experience as you walk around your surroundings while playing it.
  • The game is going to have as many as 151 pokemon, the original ones that were introduced at the very beginning, and they can be evolved using the rewards.
  • You can trade your pokemon with other users from other areas.
  • There is a professor who hands you your first pokemon when you start the game.
  • You can also give your pokemon that you do not need back to the professor and have rewards in return.
  • There are Gyms situated around you where you can go and earn rewards by fighting with other users and upgrade your pokemon.

Note that there are some apps or tools that you can use to enhance your Pokemon Go experience. These tools are Poke Radar APK, Pokemon Go Plus, and the PokeVision APK.

Words from the Author

There are many fans of this game who have fantasized about being Ash Ketchum and going around the world to catch their favorite pokemon. This game is an attempt to turn that fantasy into reality. To enhance your experience, try Pokemon Go cheats and hacks or Pokemon Go tips and tricks. Let us know your experience with the game.

The highly anticipated augmented reality game, Pokemon Go has finally launched on 6th July. This Android and iOS supporting game developed by The Pokemon Company and Niantic. The game mainly uses the camera and GPS of your smartphone. And shows you all the Pokemon that are available to be captured in your area.

Pokémon GO Screenshot

Niantic Representatives Mike Quigley and John Hanke stated in an interview that the Pokemon will be available according to the area of the user. For example, if you live near the sea, you’re likely to bump into water Pokemon in most cases. Many areas will have rarest of the rare pokemon, particularly in those regions.

Niantic is also going to organize events in various areas. So that people from different countries can come and trade their pokemon. The game will also have Gyms, a battleground for the pokemon. This is where you can come and fight with the pokemon of other users and get rewards. These rewards will help you upgrade and evolve your pokemon.

John Hanke stated that the game is going to be so popular all around the world that it might leave infamous role-playing games like War of Witchcraft behind. This might sound like an overstatement. But the game will leave behind Twitter regarding daily active users on Android in the coming days. So that might just come true too. Please share your thoughts about this game below this page (in the comment section). Moreover, please let us know if you face any problem at the time of downloading Pokemon Go APK.

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  1. I dont see any link plz reply to this message with link….i really want to play this game ….. heard alot of good stuff about it

  2. I downloaded and install the game but no pokemon, gym showing. Then what to play here??
    Give some method for india users like to change the country and then play.

    • Well you can use some VPN service and Fake Location GPS to play pokemon go but it’s kind of tricky, Anyhow let me know if you want to learn that I will write a article on this blog for that.

      • Comment:why it always ask for update…pls improve it…in every week im facing problem for update…pls fix it…nd update latest which dont ask for update atleast for a month

  3. I give up…. Im not able to download the latest version of Pokemon go … Watever I do still it showing me the same page again and again …. If there’s any possibility of posting an clip regarding my prob then yu might have known my frustration

    • Sandy if the download doesn’t start automatically just click on the download button on the second page. It will start downloading immediately.

  4. hey I am facing problems pls help me. I already have an lvl 24 acc in this game. my previous ver stopped working. I downloaded the latest one but when after choosing my Google account it kept loading in the screen. it can’t load my Pokemon acc. what shud I do now pls help me

    • Rahul,

      If you download from our site, there will be no virus on your phone. It’s 100% Safe…

      PS. However you should not just download files from any untrusted shady site.


  5. I downloaded it several times but always facing problem in installing what to do?? Tell me… Do you have any idea when pokemon is going to launch officially In India??

    • Update: I just checked the file, everything is ok. Please download it again, it will work.

      Could You Pease Elaborate the Issue you are Facing, Thanks for Letting me know 🙂



  6. I have downloaded the latest version of game uploaded in this site. But after installing and opening it the game asks for newer update and cannot b skipped. So, please tell me the way I can run the game.

  7. I have installed the Pokemon go latest version…and I’m from India but still there are no Pokemon’s
    Now what to do?? Plz help me

  8. Sundar Pichai Bro I have installed and caught first pokemon but sadly after that nothing is shown in display no matter how much I walk the guy keeps walking in circles…..help Brook.


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