Check of the best Pokemon Go Tips and Tricks in this article. The world is going crazy for Pokemon Go. Everybody is looking at their smartphones in the streets trying to catch some Magikarp or Charmander. If you are reading this, you are most probably also a fan of Pokemon Go.

Pokemon GO Tips & TricksThings are getting back at the times where Pokemons were announced for the first, and everybody loved it. Pokemon is rising again and this time with an augmented reality game. Pokemon Go is an augmented reality game where you have to go out there for real and explore the streets and the wild. You will also catch many Pokemon in your adventure.

Increase your experience by catching powerful Pokemon and also fight in the Gyms to assign one of your Pokemon. If one of your Pokemon stayed in a gym for 24 hours, you would get Pokemon. You can use Pokecoins to upgrade your bags and by lure modules etc.

There are lots of things in Pokemon Go Apk. Especially those things which can be done in a better way if you know certain tips and tricks for this game. So today I will tell you the best Pokemon GO tips and tricks. You may know some of these, but I am telling you that – will find something useful after reading this so please read this post carefully.

Tips and tricks in Pokemon Go can significantly help you proceed in this game.

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1. Turning Off The AR Mode

pokemon go ar modePlaying in AR mode seems more real, and it gives amazing feelings about what these kinds of games can do. But Turning off the AR mode in Pokemon can help you a lot in Catching Pokemon.

In AR Mode you have to search for the Pokemon by moving your smartphone here and there but without the AR mode, things get real easy. Pokemon will be right in the middle of the screen regardless of where your smartphone is.

2. Catching Pokemon with Curve Balls

pokemon curve ballCatching a Pokemon is easy if the Pokemon is not that aggressive and gets out of the poke balls every time you throw a Pokeball at it. You get 100 XP every time you catch a Pokemon if you have already caught it before otherwise you’ll get 500xp for a new Pokemon registering in the Pokedex.

You can get more XP than this by throwing Pokeballs in a different way, i.e., throwing a curve ball. Beautiful, great and excellent throw are already known by many trainers but curling a ball will also get you more XP as well as the higher chance of getting the Pokemon.

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3. Check the Move Set

Move Set is critical in Pokemon Go especially if you are all about fighting in Gyms. A pokemon can have high CP, but the move sets can be not that great so instead of evolving that particular pokemon you should change the Pokemon with the better move set with slightly lower CP than the bad Move set high CP one. The better the move set, the higher the damage it brings to the opposition pokemon. If you have a pokemon with the bad move set wait for the better one with good to great move set and evolve that Pokemon.

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4. Walk wisely to hatch your Eggs

pokemon go eggHatching an Eggs can be great if you are getting Pokemon which you don’t usually catch. Niantic does not measure your distance every second that’s why you might be wondering why the hell the meter is not increasing even if I’m walking. The meter will get an update after some time.

If you are hatching a 2km egg you can go 1km in one direction and come back where you started hatching eggs but at the time you were turning back to walk towards the starting point again you should wait for some time to update the meter and not wasting your turn. Otherwise, it won’t count those meters that you have walked.

So these were the Tips and Tricks in Pokemon Go. If you know about more tips and Tricks, you can comment them below.


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