If you don’t know what Pokemon Go is by now then for you as shot as possible. Pokemon Go is an active game where one can create a Pokemon trainer for themselves in the game and only go around catching Pokemon like you’ve always wanted to as children!

PokeVision Apk

Pokemon Go shows you maps, and when you move on the map (you need to actually, physically move about on the streets), it shows you the Pokemon you can catch. Now here’s the catch, the fact that you actually must move. While this is a great way of gaining exercise and having fun at the same time, technology has made us so much lazier that we’d rather just not move. And here comes in our savior- the PokeVision app!

PS. There can be a million other reasons why one would like to use this app. Maybe because of Physical illness somebody can’t move or someone handicapped who can’t walk on his/her own – In these cases, this app should be useful for them.

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PokeVision shows you the locations of Pokemon, especially those close to you without actually having to move about first. You can decide which location you want to visit and which Pokemons you want to catch or let go. It also features a timer that tells you how long you have before you can catch that particular Pokemon.

Free Download Pokevision Apk for Android

PokeVision is available for download in an apk version for Android devices! The version 1.1 of PokeVision has been developed by Michael Rauter in July 2016. It requires an Android version 4.4 or more. The file size is about 7.89 MB.

   Pokevision Apk Download

There are a lot of fake versions too so one must be careful!

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How Pokevision Apk Works?

If there isn’t enough time, one can only move to another location where they will be able to get a Pokemon for sure in time instead of futile attempts. The app retrieves the data about the Pokemons from the Pokemon Go server. It makes use of the Niantic API to find Pokemon close to your location.

It also shows the rarer Pokemon from time to time, but these are available to catch for a much shorter period and disappear much faster than others, of course, because of their high value.

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The Down Side of Pokevision (Cons of Pokevision Apk)

However, this app negates the whole point of Pokemon Go. The excitement of not knowing what Pokemon you might stumble upon and try to catch ‘em all is one of the highlights of Pokemon Go. It was also a great way to get people (especially lazy teenagers) out of the house spontaneously to catch a suddenly appearing Pokemon.

PokeVision also refuses to work at times, it just refuses to load or takes a long time to load. It also only allows you to search once every thirty seconds. Keep your fingers crossed, so the Pokemon near you don’t disappear, and the site doesn’t stop functioning! However it depends on the person playing, and it is an incredibly helpful app at the end of the day! So Poke trainers now you actually can catch ‘em all!


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