Download Subway Surfers APK 1.114.0 (Official Latest Version)

Download Subway Surfers APK 1.110.0 latest version for Android from this 7Downloads page. Are you looking for a running game? I know there are tons of them available on the web. Still, you are confused to go with one, aren’t you? Don’t worry! I have the best recommendation for you.

Subway Surfers APK

Yeah, you guessed it right, it is Subway Surfers. The game has been around for more than four years now, capturing the minds of a lot of avid gamers. It’s just as popular as Temple Run 2 APK title. Subway Surfers will be one of your favorite games once you played it.

Can’t you install apps from the Play Store? Well, you can always use any web browser such as UC Browser APK or MCent Browser APK to download this Android game. I will give you the link to download the APK file of the game.

Download Subway Surfers APK

NameSubway Surfers 1.114.0 
RequirementAndroid 4.1

Download Subway Surfers

It is not a walk in the park for everyone to install apps directly from Play Store. Nevertheless, you can sideload the app using the proper APK file. Also, you can use file-sharing apps such as Shareit APK or Xender APK if you currently do not have internet access but your friend has the Subway Surfers APK installed on his phone.

I know you are aware of the method. So, click on the download button above. Once you finish downloading, move on to the installation by opening the downloaded file. Now that you got the link, let’s dig deep into some details.

The Concept of the Subway Surfers Game
Subway Surfers APK

In Subway Surfers, you are a kid who draws something on the walls of the train station. Unfortunately, a policeman caught you doing such a prohibited act. The policeman came with a dog and chases you while you run on the railways and on the opposite direction of the trains.

On your way to escape, you will face so many obstacles. The skill remains in avoiding them. If you hit any of them, the policeman charges on you at once. During your run, you can get coins and other prizes such as big shoes and hoverboards.

When you earned enough coins, you can buy different characters. But the game is 100% free to download and play.

Features of Subway Surfers

#1. Randomly Generated Surroundings

Though the action always takes place along the railways, you won’t face repetition. Every time you run, you will find something different from the previous scene. For the same reason, you can keep on playing it forever.

#2. Lightweight

The APK file for this is only 79 MB. This is pretty light compared to other Android games that go more than 90 MB in size. Though lightweight, this app comes with optimized HD graphics.

#3. No Compatibility Issue

Subway Surfers run on different platforms (Android, iOS, Windows). You can run this game on any Android device irrespective of the specs.

#4. Auto-Update of Surroundings

Once you are connected to the internet, Subway Surfers automatically update your surroundings. It’s as if you can go all over the world and explore different countries while you’re on a scape.

#5. Interesting Audio

Honestly, I am playing this game until now. And what I really admire with this game is the audio. The audio makes it even more interesting, so you won’t feel bored while playing.


Does this make you excited to play Subway Surfers? Then, download the APK file for free. I’m sure you will fall in love with this game.

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