uc-browser-miniDownload UC Browser Mini APK 11.1.3 latest version for Android from this page. Do you have a slow internet connection but refuse to use a VPN like Psiphon 3 for PC? Isn’t it impossible for you to visit websites on your Android device? That’s why slow internet users should use a great browser on their phone. Here I have got the perfect solution for you. Have you ever heard of UC Browser Mini? I know you must have heard about UC Browser APK or the UC Browser for PC. They have been in this field since long.

Today, I am going to share a file of UC Browser Mini APK with you. I will let you know about the impressive features of the app later in the article. I hope you know how to sideload apps on Android using APK files. So, I am not going into the preliminary details. Use the following link to download the APK file.


Download UC Browser Mini APK

Name UC Browser Mini 11.1.3
Size 2.90 MB
Requirement Android 4.0
Author UCWeb Inc.

Download UC Browser Mini APK

Features of UC Browser Mini

Once you download the file, open the same to proceed to the installation. The following are the features of UC Browser Mini, which I found enticing.

#1. Smaller in Size

When I say smaller, I mean it. The app weighs only 1.67 MB in size. That’s too tiny, isn’t it?
As a person who doesn’t have a decent internet connection, you will find it difficult to download a big sized app. In that sense, UC Browser Mini is the perfect browser for you.
You don’t have to wait so long to get it downloaded.

If you do not mind the big size, you can go for Google Chrome, mCent Browser APK, or the full version UC Browser APK.

#2. Fast Browsing


UC Browser Mini creates a miniature version of the web page you visit and, present the same before you. So, it will not take much time to load a website. Due to the lower resource consumption, the data saving will be the maximum as well.

#3. Navigation Cards

You don’t have to open the browser and search for a particular event anymore. UC Mini brings it to the navigation bar. Events like cricket match details are shown as navigation cards to help you avoid a browsing section, thereby saves the time.

#4. Smart Downloading

We all download files using our mobile phones. Smart downloading feature boosts the downloading speed and gets you the maximum possible. Moreover, you can download files to cloud as well.

If a download request fails, it will auto connect on its own. All you have to do is pressing the download button.

#5. Text Only Feature

Say you don’t want to see media content on a web page. Then, you can get it loaded faster than usual. Just open UC Browser Mini and, enable text-only mode. There you go!
From the next moment onwards, it will not load media content. Eventually, the page loading speed increases.

#6. Night Mode

It really is havoc for eyes to see a full-white screen in the dark. Don’t worry! UC comes to your rescue with their night mode. Enabling it will render all pages in a dark color. So, you don’t face any discomfort for your eyes.

Words From the Author

I hope you already downloaded UC Browser Mini APK. In case you didn’t, just go ahead and do it. You will thank me later for recommending this app.

Don’t forget to share this article with your social media friends and followers. Who knows? There would be many struggling with slow internet. If you face any issues, just use the comment section down below to reach out to me

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