XPadderYou can download Xpadder for PC Windows 10/7/8/8.1(Laptop) from this page. Xpadder simulates the keyboard and mouse using your gamepad. Many young gamers started gaming playing Mario, Contra or Tank Battle in their old video games. If you own a PlayStation, Xbox or the new Nintendo Switch, you must have grown accustomed to using a controller may it be the DualShock controller or the Xbox Elite controller.

When you want to switch to computers for gaming instead of a console, it might take you a long time to grow accustomed to the controls on the computer especially if you are into first-person shooters like Call of Duty, Battlefield or Halo.

It might take a gamer a considerable amount of time learning how to aim at enemies using the mouse instead of the right joystick. The same goes when you switch to Android emulators such as Nox Player or Bluestacks for PC. Even if you already are a PC gamer, you will have experienced problems with controller drivers. And might have wasted a lot of time searching the internet for suitable drivers for your controller to play on your PC. What if I told you that you could solve all these problems using a simple program? Then Xpadder might be your solution to play other games such as GT Racing 2 for PC or Asphalt 8 for PC.

Download Xpadder

App Name Xpadder 5.3
File Size 37.2 MB
Requirement Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 (Works on All Versions); However Tested on Windows XP/Vista Only
Languages Multiple
License Freeware

Download XPadder

Why You Need Xpadder for PC

  • Xpadder supports both 32 and 64-bit versions of Windows Vista/XP/7/8/10
  • Full keyboard and mouse emulation
  • Use up to 16 controllers at once while playing multiplayer
  • Different key mapping for every controller that is connected to the computer
  • Supports combinations and key sequences such as shift + W
  • Supports controllers, joysticks, arcade sticks, steering wheels, dance mats and guitars
  • Rumble feedback
  • Different profiles for different applications and games and auto-switching of the profile when a change is detected

Play Old Games With Controller using Xpadder

Many old games will not have controller support but using Xpadder for PC you can play those games as well with your controller. Not only controllers but Xpadder for PC also supports gamepads, joysticks, arcade sticks and steering wheels as well. So if you are bored sometime, do try playing Counter Strike Global Offensive using a steering wheel, I’ve heard it is fun.

Create Multiple Profiles for Multiple People

Xpadder for PC has the option to create multiple profiles. Just like when you are using Parallel Space for PC. This means that if more than one person is using Xpadder on your computer, each person can create a profile and map keys to a layout that is comfortable to them. Also, each profile can contain multiple different layouts for different games. So you don’t have to use the same layout for first-person shooters and racing games.

Use Other Apps Like You Play Any Game

The best feature about Xpadder for PC has to be that you can use Xpadder not only in games but also for other applications such as web browsers and media players. So if you have a wireless controller, you can use the controller as a remote control. You can use it to seek, change brightness, adjust volume in the media player or map buttons to scroll web pages in web browsers. You can also use the controller to control Microsoft PowerPoint during a presentation, which will be really cool and will impress your boss for sure.

Though Xpadder for PC is not free to use, it is very cheap at only 9.99 USD. To download Xpadder for PC computer, you can visit the official website at xpadder.com. Do tell us what you think about Xpadder in the comments below.

Words From The 7Downloads Editorial Team

Xpadder is a software that allows you to map the keys on your keyboard to your controller. This means that you can map the spacebar to the X key on your DualShock controller. And when you press X the computer will react to it as if you pressed the spacebar. Using this mapping function, you can map your W, A, S and D keys to your left joystick.

Not only keys but Xpadder also enables you to use your right joystick as your mouse. And the left and right click buttons can be mapped to the left and right triggers on the controller.

If you have previously played using a DualShock 4 controller, you will know the vibration of the controller when you crash a car in the game. It adds more in-depth experience to the game you are playing. Your mouse and keyboard cannot emulate this vibration. But you can use Xpadder and experience it on your controller.


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