Download YouTube Vanced APK Free [Root/Non-Root/Magisk]

YouTube Vanced is an app that helps you to get rid of ads while watching YouTube videos. The Vanced app is not a regular ad-blocker. It is one of the most popular modded versions of the YouTube app. Originally developed by Micro_T, this app is now administered and managed by a new Vanced Team. You can download and install the app on your Android device to watch ad-free videos. 

youtube vanced apk

YouTube Vanced can be installed in Magisk, rooted, and non-rooted devices. Before we proceed with the installation process here’s the list of specifications you will get from this app. You can read also Hotstar download on PC, and other posts on 7downloads.

Features of YouTube Vanced App

  • Background Playback feature
  • Ad-block 
  • Pinch to zoom
  • Toggle Themes (dark, white, black)
  • HD Video & HQ Music
  • Picture in Picture Mode [This is available on Android Oreo version only]
  • Override Resolution 
  • Auto Repeat
  • Video downloads from YouTube

YouTube Vanced app comes with so many premium specifications. It offers features that are mainly available with YouTube premium. Check out how to use SHAREit app on your device.

How To Install Vanced App – Root/Non-Root/Magisk

In the case of installing this app, root and non-root versions are not so different from each other. The only difference is YouTube Vanced APK non-root devices do not replace the original app on your phone. The rooted device does that. See also how to download vShare iOS (iPhone/iPad)

Install YouTube Vanced on Rooted Devices

Those who want their phones to get rooted can use this method. In this case, the entire original app will be replaced by the modded version. What you do is download the app and install it on your device. The rest will be taken care of. If your phone does not support the updated version, you can find and download the older versions as well.

youtube vanced apk
NameYouTube Vanced Apk
Latest Versionv16.02.35
RequirementAndroid 4.2 or above
Last UpdatedFebruary 3, 2021

Install YouTube Vanced for non-rooted version

Not many people want to root their phones or want to go for the non-rooted option. In this case, the user needs to install YouTube Vanced Manager & MicroG Manager first to get the App. One can opt for the non-root option on their rooted phones as well. Unlike the root option, in the case of non-root, the app does not replace the original YouTube app. Instead, both the app coexists. Here are the steps to install a non-root YouTube Vanced app

  1. Download the YouTube Vanced Manager
  2. Install the manager
  3. Start configuring the manager
  4. Select ‘Nonroot’ during the configuration
  5. In the next step, you will have to install MicroG Manager
  6. Once you install the MicroG, tap on ‘Install’ to get YouTube Vanced Manager
  7. Follow the screen instructions next to log in to the Vanced Manager
  8. Choose theme and language before you tap on the ‘Finish’ button. 
  9. The YouTube Vanced app will be installed successfully!

Once you installed MicroG and Vanced app, log in to both with your Google ID and start watching videos without ads. It is recommended to go for the non-root variant as it is easier and safer than the rooted variant. Check also, how to download videos from Voot.

Install YouTube Vanced for Magisk Variant

For the Magisk variant, the user has to install the Vanced app through the Magisk repo. Like a non-rooted variant, the user has to install the Magisk repo first to run the Vanced App. Get the Magisk repo latest version here below. Once you install the repo, install MicroG and then Vanced App. Log in to the MicroG and Vanced app one by one to start watching the ad-free videos. 

Older Versions:


Is YouTube Vanced available on PC?

Yes, the YouTube Vanced app is available on PC. However, you need an Emulator to run the app. It is recommended to have Bluestacks Emulator to get the Vanced app. 

What is the cost of the YouTube Vanced App?

This is a free app. Anyone can get this mod app free of cost on their mobile or PC. 

Do I need to have a YouTube premium account to use YouTube Vanced app?

No, there is absolutely no need to have a premium account to use this app. Users can get this app and stream their favorite videos without ads. 

Do I need MicroG to use YouTube Vanced?

Yes, if you are opting non-root variant or Magisk variant then you need MicroG Manager. But if you are opting for a rooted variant, then you don’t need to install MicroG manager.

Final Words

YouTube Vanced is a great app for the ones who are a frequent user of YouTube. You neither have to buy a premium account nor you need to watch the ads. Install this free app and share your experience with us in the comment section.

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